Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans improve the comfort of homes year-round and can even help homeowners like you save money on the cost of their energy bills. Streb Electric can install quickly and affordably, so that you can benefit from a new fan.


What Types of Ceiling Fans Are There?

There are many types of ceiling fans available on the market today. Models may differ in terms of their:

  • Number of blades, with 3, 4 and 5-blade models the most common
  • Width and size of the fan blade
  • Lighting
  • Controls with wall and remote controls available
  • Stylistic features


What Are the Benefits of a Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans help air circulate through a home, keeping the environment cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. With a ceiling fan, you can often set your thermostat one or two degrees above or below its usual setting, which helps to conserve energy. Fans with a light fixture can also provide illumination for an interior or exterior space.


Can I Install a Ceiling Fan Myself?

While it is possible to install a ceiling fan yourself, we do not recommend it. We have been called to many homes where problems have occurred due to unsafe mounting and DIY ceiling fan wiring during installation. Improperly installing a ceiling fan could also damage the unit, voiding the warranty or causing it to wear out prematurely.


The better choice is to call Streb Electric and allow us to do the work for you. Our rates are affordable, and we’ll get your fan installed right the first time.