Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection

Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection

Power surges happen in homes more frequently than we may imagine. Even the slightest flicker of your lights in your home could be a sign of a power surge. It may happen even on a bright clear sunny day, and may not even phase you, but this slight surge can potentially cause a lot of damage to your home.

Power surges happen when there is a surge in the electrical current in a household (or building) which is the breakers way of protecting itself from a power overload. While this may seem minimal there are lasting impacts. Insurance claims on a yearly basis due to power surges exceed a billion dollars in just a year. The average insurance claim for a home on a power surge is $4500! 

Installation of a whole home surge protector helps your home and products from these power trips and save you a lot of money. If you are in an area that uses a lot of power this is definitely important to look into. Most whole home surge protectors can handle up to 40,000 kw of energy!This also is important if you have a lot of products that are more expensive. This will help you long term.

Whole home surge protection is cost effective and will save you potentially a lot of money. It is an aspect of your home that once it is installed you will not need to worry about. At Streb Electric we have installed hundreds of whole home surge protectors and our clients rave about how much they love it. Surge protectors also obviously save you from power surges during storms, not just a surge from inside of your own home.

The installation is simple and does not displace you from your home. Give us a call today for any questions that you may have about surge protection and to see when we can get out to your home to install a whole home surge protector!